How to Save During Bath & Body Works'® Semi-Annual Sale

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If you’d like to get rock-bottom prices at Bath & Body Works®’ the secret is knowing how to shop during their Semi-Annual Sale. In this article, we’re going to tell you the Semi-Annual Sale dates, awesome things to buy and more, so get ready and let’s go.

Bath & Body Works’® Semi-Annual Sales takes place twice a year in December and June

The Bath & Body Works® sale starts the day after Christmas and ends during the middle of January. During the Semi-Annual Sale, you can expect to see store-wide discounts of up to 75% off before coupons.

Combine coupons with Bath & Body Works’® Semi-Annual Sale prices to get big discounts

Sure, it’s awesome to get 75% off on Bath & Body Works® products, but should you be content with just that? Of course not! Instead, you should look for coupons and promo codes, and then stack them up with sale prices to get all-time low prices on hand soap, Wallflowers and more.

Don’t buy candles during the Semi-Annual Sale

If you love Bath & Body Works® candles, it’s best to wait until Candle Day in December since they’ll be a lot cheaper. Instead focus on hand soap, Wallflowers and Aromatherapy.

Get Bath & Body Works® Aromatherapy for less

You should definitely stock up on Aromatherapy products like Body Cream during the Semi-Annual Sale. This is one of the biggest discounts you may ever see on Aromatherapy at Bath & Body Works®. So do make sure that you focus your efforts here.

You may pay less by shopping in stores at Bath & Body Works® not online

To spend less at Bath & Body Works®, shop in-store so that you can avoid paying $5.99 for shipping. By shopping online, any free shipping you get may use up your one promo code, and then you won’t be able to use other discounts during the Semi-Annual Sale.

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