How to Get Discounts with Bath & Body Works Coupons

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If you like soothing skincare products and fresh fragrances (and, why wouldn’t you?), it’s likely you’ve checked out Bath & Body Works. The only downside to shopping at Bath & Body Works is that you may end up spending more money than you intend to. That’s why we’ve got a few tips to help you get Bath & Body Works products for free.

Give the checkout executive your email and mailing address

When you are checking out products at a Bath & Body Works store, it’s likely that the executive at the checkout counter will ask you for your email address. While you should certainly give the person your email address, make sure to also ask if you can also give them your current mailing address to get Bath & Body Works coupons via email and mail. Once you do this, you will likely start receiving coupons that you can use at the store. Expect these coupons to start arriving in a few weeks.

Sign up for emails from Bath & Body Works through the website

If you’re not planning to make a trip any time soon to a Bath & Body Works store, you could visit the retailer’s website and sign up to be part of the mailing list. It’s also a good idea to do this with your partner’s or children’s names and email IDs, so you receive extra coupons.

Shop with your Bath & Body Works coupons and get more coupons in return

You probably already know that the more you shop, the more coupons you will likely get. But, this can be quite dangerous for your finances and budget. You can, however, make it easier for yourself to earn more coupons by shopping for Bath & Body Works products with the coupons you already have.

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