Hacks to Get a Free Coupon at Bath & Body Works®

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Have you heard? Bath & Body Works® is going to be rolling out a new rewards program. Currently, it’s in the test stage and limited to certain zip codes in Georgia, California, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.

Here’s a list of new Bath & Body Works® program highlights:

  • Earn one point for every dollar you spend
  • Get a free reward for every 75 points you earn
  • Rewards may be redeemed on products that are regularly priced up to $16.50
  • To apply rewards to your order, click the dropdown button in your cart
  • Redeem up to 8 rewards per transaction
  • Points are valid for up to 90 days

Here’s an easy hack to get a Bath & Body Works® coupon

If your zip code isn’t located in one of the US states mentioned above, you can create a new account with a “dummy zip code” from a test state. For eg. use a zipcode from Southern California. Do keep in mind that you might have to try a few zip codes before you find one that works. Make sure to take advantage of the program when you shop online, but keep in mind that some Bath & Body Works® stores outside the test areas aren’t equipped to accept new barcodes.

Get a Welcome Coupon for $10 off purchases of $30 or more

You can receive a Welcome Coupon for $10 off purchases of $30 or more at Bath & Body Works® if you create a new account. Coupon codes are limited to one per order but they can also be combined with up to eight rewards.

Here’s an awesome hack:

If you’d prefer to keep the account you currently use, sign in and then update your zip code with a “dummy zip code” to claim access to the Rewards Program. Whether you join the program by using the one you already have or by creating a new account, you’ll receive a birthday gift for an awesome freebie once per year. Do remember that the coupon codes are valid for 30 days from the date they’re issued.

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