Dairy Queen® Hacks You’ve Gotta Try!

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Can’t get enough of snacking at Dairy Queen®? Well, you’re not alone! But, stopping at Dairy Queen® to grab a bit regularly can get expensive. That’s why we’ve put together some hacks to save money that you’ve got to try when you’re at Dairy Queen® next. Read on to know more.

1. Join the DQ® Blizzard Fan Club: Sign up to join the DQ® Blizzard Fan Club to get news and promotions sent straight to your inbox! You’ll be the first to know about deals.

2. Get your DQ® Blizzard served upside down (or you get the next one for free): Did you know that Dairy Queen® employees are required to flip the Blizzard upside down before they hand it over to you? If it’s not flipped, you could get your next one for free! Don’t forget to check how the Blizzard is served the next time you order one.

3. Download the Dairy Queen® app: Once you download the Dairy Queen® app on your phone, you’ll receive notifications about exclusive deals. And, you can scan the app when you purchase something from Dairy Queen® to earn points that can get you more discounts and freebies in the future.

4. Use the student discount: If you are a student, you can show your ID when making a purchase at Dairy Queen® to get up to 10% off on your meal. Keep in mind that this is only offered at participating locations.

5. Military personnel can avail of deep discounts: If you serve the military, show your ID the next time you are at Dairy Queen®. The discounts vary from location to location, but some participating locations may even offer discounts up to 50% off!

6. Look for surveys on your receipt: Just paid for something at Dairy Queen®? Check if the receipt has a survey at the bottom? Most times, you get a freebie, like a Dilly bar, when you complete the survey.

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